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Do you want to rent office space in Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna or Zürich? Or would you rather opt for an office space rental in Rotterdam, Antwerp or MunichSKEPP presents you with an offer of over 2000 office buildings that houses more than 10.000 office spaces. This means that we have to most elaborate offers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France and Poland. We can provide your company with office space that fits all your needs and requirements so that the office space perfectly suits your company.


6 districts

29 offices

221 available office spaces


5 districts

9 offices

185 available office spaces

Or do you want to search for office space in the city below?

Or are you looking for office space in one of the following cities?

    Find the best city for you to rent office space in:

    Amsterdam - Many large Dutch institutions, as well as many of the world's largest companies, have their (European) headquarters situated in this city.

    Berlin - The second most populous city of the European Union, after London.

    Brussels - A major center for international politics and home to numerous international organizations, politicians, diplomats and civil servants. 

    Zürich - Home to many financial institutions and banking companies.

    Vienna - Also known as the "City of Music" due to its musical legacy. 

    Rotterdam - Europe's largest port, and has for a long time been the largest port of the World. 

    Hamburg - Hosts specialists in world economics and international laws. 

    Antwerp - Known for its diamond industry and trade. It was also the place of the world's oldest stock exchange building. 

    Warsaw - A major international tourist destination, and a significant cultural, political and economic hub. 

    Munich -  A global center of art, science, technology, finance, publishing, culture, innovation, education, business, and tourism and enjoys a very high standard and quality of living. 

    The Hague - The seat of the government of the Netherlands and is home to international law and arbitration. 


    SKEPP is the best comparison website for office spaces

    To make sure that renting office space does not become a hard or time-consuming task, the real estate agents of SKEPP are here to help you. All the wishes and needs for your office space will be taken into account, which helps to find the perfect workspace for you and your company. We will send you the most suitable options after which you can plan a viewing at any of the office spaces of your interest. This service is free of charge and without obligations so that you will find the perfect office space as soon as possible.  

    Why contact a broker? Comparing office spaces for free! 

    The times that we needed brokers to find suitable office spaces are behind us. Seize this free opportunity and use the services SKEPP offers you. Give us some information about the number of people you need and the budget you have per month. After this, one of our real estate agents searches for the most suitable office spaces for you and is at your service to answer all your questions regarding the rentals and the contracts. In addition, SKEPP can also help you by the lease or purchase of an office interior designEvery year we help thousands of companies in their search for a new office space. Would you like to know how these companies experience our services? Read their opinions about SKEPP or write about your own experience with us.  

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    More and more companies choose their office spaces to be fully furnished when they rent, lease or purchase one. Officeplanner gives you the opportunity to choose between an URBAN Industrial design and an URBAN Scandinavian design. With the wide choice of style packages, you will definitely be able to find an office design that suits your company. The office designs of Officeplanner are stylish, trendy, ergonomic and sustainable. In this furnishing package, all furniture in terms of design and styling are attuned to each other.

    This means that you are able to rent, lease or purchase office space over 1000 m2 and still get it fully furnished for you. Take a look and get excited about the possibilities that Officeplanner has to offer.  With the flexible office design of Officeplanner, you are possible to easily respond to the growth of your company. Within no time you can scale up your workspaces, and by using the rental option you are even possible to scale down with ease. Take a look at the brochureWe will gladly help you to realize your dream office space!

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    Did you already think about the location of your future office space and about the budget you have to rent your dream office space? If you need more information about multi-tenant buildingsbusiness centersoffice concepts or conventional office spaces you can contact us or read more about it on our website or in our free whitepapers. You can contact us by calling +31 85 888 23 39 or sending an e-mail to We are here to help you in finding the office space of your dreams. Our motto is SKEPP Office as a service.