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You're in the right place if you're looking for an office setup that can adapt to your needs. We believe in flexible office arrangements that can respond to changing circumstances. We create office designs that make an impact, and we're proud of what we do!

This makes us proud

We believe in an office design that moves with you, now and in the future. And not only do we believe in it, but our clients do too! We have had the opportunity to create amazing designs for a wide range of companies, from startups to well-known brands. And we love that variety. Curious if our visions align? Let's meet!

What's our first move at Skepp?

We create adaptable and dynamic office designs that perfectly fit you. In our process, your wishes are always central, and we translate them into your dream office. And yes, leave that to us! Do you want to benefit from a flexible office design or are you curious about the possibilities? Let's chat!

Ready to make the first move?

Ready for a dynamic office design? We got you! Are you ready to make the first move?

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Our Office Projects

Dive into the world of office projects and discover everything about dynamic and flexible interiors. Office projects go beyond simply placing office furniture in a space. It is a creative process that transforms an empty space into a functional, inspiring, and flexible working environment. It is the place that needs to perfectly align with the desires and needs of you as a user. With smart project designs, high-quality materials, and modular products, a space can be completely transformed. What can you expect from office projects? We design all types of spaces, from offices to hotels, from restaurants to meeting rooms. The key to flexibility and success starts with Skepp and our team of project designers.


From a single workstation to a complete office design, it all starts with a project design! We have successfully completed many office projects! For a wide range of companies, from startups to multinational corporations, from setting up a quiet workplace to complete office designs. The diversity is amazing, and creating a flexible and inspiring work environment is our thing. The advantage of Skepp as a project designer is that we focus on flexibility and adaptability. We believe that the environment should be able to adjust to your changing needs as a client. That's why we frequently use modular office furniture in our office projects. We create dynamic offices that are ready for the present and the future.

Happy Clients Make Us Happy!

We have made many clients happy with our office projects, and our portfolio keeps growing. From setting up small offices to large-scale projects for multinational corporations. Every project is unique, making our work so exciting! In every office design, you as the client are central, and we translate your wishes and needs into a suitable office design. We believe in an office project that moves with you, both now and in the future. And it's not just us who believe in it, but also these clients!

From Meeting Boxes to Complete Office Designs

Whether it's setting up a modular meeting box, creating an inspiring workspace, or a complete project design, you've come to the right place with Skepp. With an extensive collection of office furniture, we are the project designer for every search query and challenge. With our offering, we not only provide an awesome project design but also consider functionality and adaptability in the plan.

But what's the difference between project design and office design?

The terms project designers and office designers are often used interchangeably, but there is a nuanced difference. Office design refers to furnishing and decorating an office. The goal is to create a functional and attractive workspace that aligns with the needs and style of a company. Project design is a bit more comprehensive. Project design is about designing and furnishing a specific space and project. It can be a new office building, a waiting room, or a department in need of an upgrade. The goal of project design is to align the specific space with the project's needs. At Skepp, we provide a total concept, from office design to project design.

Project Design: Your Office as a Business Card

Having an awesome and dynamic office design not only provides a great working environment for colleagues but also serves as a business card to your clients. It's important that the project design seamlessly aligns with the core values of your company. By choosing Skepp, you choose a project designer who translates your DNA into a unique and flexible space. In short, we help you make a great impression on your clients and create a comfortable environment for your team.