Office interior

With the inspiring interior design package from Officeplanner you can use unique design products that perfectly match a flexible working environment. You can rent, rent-purchase or purchase ergonomic furniture. When you rent the office furniture, you can effortlessly up- or downscale your furnishing package. This gives Officeplanner its flexibility and possibly negates any initial investment costs. Used to design your office space with the Officeplanner designer tool. You provide the floor plan and our personal designer will create a customised design proposal. In addition, you can also create your own office design with this tool.

We offer the office interior design package in two versions: URBAN Scandinavian and URBAN Industrial. Do you want to supplement the interior design with an accessory package? Then you can choose one of SKEPP’s four styling packages: Vintage, Colour, Botanic en Cosy. Are you looking for office furniture, do you want to know more about Officeplanner or would you like to receive a free design proposal? Then click here to find out more!

Furnish with Officeplanner

Finding the ideal office space is step 1, but setting it up in a suitable way is step 2. The layout of your office displays something to the outside world. It sends a message to your customers, employees and potential new talents. Therefore, choose an office interior design that suits your company and corporate culture. We will help you by regularly posting blogs with practical tips and inspiring examples, that are definitely worth reading!

Office furnishing tips and inspiration

The  furnishing of your office room and / or office building is very important at the moment. Because it is the calling card of your company. The furnishing has to suit  the appearance of your organization. Which office design do you choose? A Scandinavian, industrial modern or creative furnishing? With green (botanic) or domestic (cosy) elements? Which office furniture will you choose? These are all questions about office furnishing that we want to help you answer  in this blog category: office furnishing.

New focus: a flexible office furnishing

It’s the trend of the last few years, agile work and The New Way of Working. This means  flexibility is #1 and this should result in more efficient working and increased productivity. Traditional office buildings were type-factories with only offices to work and a lunchroom to eat quickly. Offices now have a completely different focus. A proper office design is therefore very important.

A flexible office furnishing is future focused

Today's office space must offer flexibility. This means that you can easily change your workplace and the office space should be easy to rearrange. Especially with a fast-growing organization it is important that you always have sufficient workstations. A flexible office furnishing is suitable for this. Your office grows with your wishes and preferences.

An example of a flexible office design is Officeplanner. These offices designs offer different types of workplaces, such as a place to relax, a meeting and presentation room, a coworking space and workplaces for supreme concentration. With Officeplanner you will not only enjoy an attractive office design, but it is also future-oriented. It is possible to simply scale up or down weekly. You only pay for the workplaces that you actually use.

The perfect mix of effort and relaxation in an efficient furnished office room

An efficient office design is all about experience and creates more interaction and a positive feeling. The dynamic work environment meets every need. Whether this is the need for social contact and informal conversation or a place to retreat. An efficiently furnished office building is often equipped with various lounge and relaxation rooms. A work place with a comfortable lounge sofa or a football table is no longer a special feature any more.

Ergonomic, colorful, plants, an open furnishing and a healthy workplace are the characteristics of a productive office furnishing.

You benefit from a productive work environment for yourself and your employees. The office furnishing has a lot of influence on productivity. A standard and boring furnishing is certainly a no-go. A productive office furnishing meets every need of the office user and ensures a healthy working environment. The furnishing of the office room ensures good ventilation, proper office lighting, comfortable and ergonomic office furniture, attractive use of color and offers various work areas. Besides, you can still choose to add many plants in your office furnishing (botanical style) or add extra ambiance and a feel of home (cozy).

Many choices: office furnishing in different designs

The furnishing of your office building is very important. It radiates to the outside world. You can see it as your business card for customers, employees and potential talents. That is why it is important that you choose an office design that suits your company and company culture.

A Scandinavian office design with minimalist furnishing

This office furnishing is all about minimalistic and simplistic ambiance. Not to much of everything. This trend consist most of natural elements, tight appealing lines, natural colors and sense of space. We have put 5 tips in a row so that you can easily provide your office space with Scandinavian office furniture.

Modern and design are great together

A light, sleek and modern office furnishing often creates a professional appearance. You make use of design office furniture, lots of light in the office space by means of office lighting or daylight and separation walls of glass are often used. A sense of openness and freshness is central.

An industrial office furnishing is tough and robust

An industrial furnishing mainly consists of robust materials such as metal, wood and leather. This combined with mostly neutral colors such as grey, white and black. An industrial design is inspired by old factory buildings and is very easy to combine with other styles.

Induce creativity with inspiring furnishing of the office room

Contemporary office units and workplaces are much more atmospheric than offices from the days of dull, grey walls and fluorescent lighting. A correct color choice, good lighting, acoustics, furniture, office plants and art objects are now much more important. For example, a correct color scheme can create a mood that matches the function of the office space. Think of applying peace, motivation, enthusiasm or generating creativity. A creative office furnishing does exactly the latter. This office design is special and inspires.

Rustic and atmospheric by means of natural materials

Wood and other natural materials are really the base of a nationwide office furnishing. Wooden desks and other wooden accessories give the interior a warm feeling. Other natural materials such as reed and linen should not be missed. Think of reed baskets or trash cans and linen pillows and tapestries in an office furnishing.